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Revealed! 10 Sneaky Escape the Room Cheats

For the uninitiated, escape rooms are the real-life versions of the virtual online games where you click on a series of objects. These objects reveal puzzles and clues that you must..

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Step into the Sets of Your Favorite Movie with Live Room Escape Games

Are you an ardent Hollywood thriller or horror fan? Then, you’ve probably spent time watching movies, precariously perched on the edge of your seat, fingernails bitten raw, popcorn forgotten. If..

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5 Escape Room Clues Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Escape rooms are designed to put participants in unfamiliar environments facing adrenaline-pumping situations. With tensions running high, most participants lose their sense of intuition and make mistakes that lose them..

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Common Escape House Rules

So what’s better than an escape room experience? An escape house, of course! An escape house is a thrilling, immersive, and mystery-solving game mostly designed for groups. Most escape houses..

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5 Tips To Conquer Escape Prison Games

Prisons are damn scary. You’re in a small space. Hygiene is lackluster. Food is scarce. It gets even scarier if..

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Escape Room Ideas You Can Try at Home to Save Money

Room escape adventures involve a group of people being locked in a room. The only way to escape is to..

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Getting to Know The Basics of Escape Puzzle Games Design

In room escape adventures, players work together to solve puzzles to escape the room before the time runs out. What we don’t look at often is what goes into making..

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How to Play Escape Room Games: All You Need to Know

An escape room game is a game where players are locked in a room and must use their surroundings to escape before the time runs out. These room escape adventures..