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Step into the Sets of Your Favorite Movie with Live Room Escape Games

Are you an ardent Hollywood thriller or horror fan? Then, you’ve probably spent time watching movies, precariously perched on the edge of your seat, fingernails bitten raw, popcorn forgotten. If..

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The Smosh Escape Room Video That Will Make You Love Puzzle Games

What did you get your mom for mother’s day? Back in 2016, Ian Hecox combined gift-giving with my favorite adventure pastime. He took his mom to an escape room game..

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The Real Escape Game: Why Your Family Will Love It

There are so many things you can do as a family, but will everyone have a good time? Movies, everyone has their own tastes. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, not..

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Why Real Escape Game Is Perfect For Team Building

Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are some of the corporates known to routinely use a real escape game for their team building exercises. But why the fascination with escape the..

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Mystery Escape Games Themes You’ll Love To Experience

The adrenaline pump. The intellectual challenge. The team spirit. And the heightened sense of purpose. These are the feelings that..

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5 Escape From The Room Emotions You Need To Guard Against

Escape from the room games are so much fun. Actually, they’re exhilarating. Gets your adrenaline pumping and emotions on a..

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5 TV Shows That Awesomely Capture Fun Room Escape Games (With Video Previews)

If you’ve never been to an escape the room game, then you’re probably wondering what the experience is like. Playing computer-based fun room escape games is fun but doesn’t really..

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What are House Escape Games?

In room escape adventures, a group of players must escape the room before the time runs out. In doing so, they solve an array of unique puzzles along the way...

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Solving The Mystery: What Makes a Good Escape Room

There are thousands of escape room games all over the world, but what makes good room escape adventures? Let’s take a look at everything that that a good escape room..

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Why Are Escape The Room Adventures Growing So Popular?

Escape the room adventures: heart racing, mind running around in circles trying to target every possibility. Surely you must be missing something! All you know is that you need to..

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Educational Escape Rooms are Now a Teacher’s Best Friend

Everyone knows escape rooms are fun and thrilling, but most don’t realize that they are now being used in classrooms as educational escape rooms. Since 2008, teachers have been taking..