History Mystery Escape Games – The Top Things You Need To Know About Them

As the real-life escape room games business continues to grow, so do the player demand for more fascinating and thrilling game scenarios. The end result is more competitive games with more enticing gameplay and captivating locations.

One such game is definitely the history mystery activity escape room in the UK, that tries to push the boundaries of this genre even further. In fact, the History Mystery team have opened not one but two thematic escape room games – one situated in a museum undercroft and one in an actual church.

Since the concept of adventure escape games sounds so alluring, we’re now going to take a closer look at each of these very realistic escape rooms.

1. Tudor Times at Blickling Church

Address: Blickling RdBlickling NR11 6NG, England
Phone: +44 1263 340380

According to its creators, this is the first ever escape game that takes place in a real church. It’s located inside the Blickling church in the town of Blickling and there’s one thematic game available at the moment:

The Queenmaker

As you might imagine, the narrative of this game follows real events, more specifically the royal marriage between Anne Boleyn and King Henry the 8th. 

The Queenmaker offers you the chance to learn a history escape room lesson at a historic place, as you make your way through different puzzles. As for the gameplay, a team of 3-8 players will enter the church in an attempt to save the day by getting Anne to the alter (your daughter in the game) by overcoming various obstacles.

It’s also worth noting that Anne Boleyn attended this exact same church, roughly 5 centuries ago. And with a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, it’s obvious that this game is quite fun to play.

2. Mysteries at Norwich Guildhall

Address: The Guildhall Gaol Hill | The Guildhall, Gaol Hill, Norwich NR2 1JS, England
Phone: +44 1603 327515″]

This is the second escape room courtesy of History Mystery and it takes place in the 14th-century undercroft that’s beneath the museum of Norwich. There are currently two separate games as part of the Mysteries at Norwich Guildhall:

Archived Alive

In this game, a team of 2-8 players do their best to save the city historian from the vault, as you have to find clues and solve different puzzles along the way.

And according to the authors, the Archived Alive game is ideal for beginners.

Body of Evidence

Here, 2-8 players will enter the cell block that’s underneath the Norwich Guildhall as they battle with time to figure out who’s behind a mysterious murder.

This is a typical crime escape game that’s actually very creepy. That’s because Body of Evidence takes place in the actual jail cells that held real prisoners centuries ago.

There’s even a warning note on the official page of this game that warns players that there are graffiti with foul language on the walls, left by the prisoners themselves.

And with an excellent 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, the Mysteries of Norwich Guildhall escape room games are obviously top-notch.

History Mysteries for Students And Pretty Much Everyone Else

The thematic History Mystery real-life escape rooms seem ideal about students and everyone that’s interested in real history. However, they can also be another great addition to the bucket list of every escape room game fan.

Blending the unmatched atmosphere of real historic places with the immersive nature of escape rooms makes for a thrilling combination.

What do you think about the History Mystery escape games btw – have you been to one of their rooms? Let us know in the comment section below!

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