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The best escape games from around the world are found right here. Whether it’s horror escape games, fantasy escape rooms, or an original escape the room adventure mystery, take your pick from the newest, hottest escape room games worldwide! 

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Get addicted by the latest room escape games around the world. Both online and physical escape rooms are covered by our expert reviews. 

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Find the best escape the room games at a location near you! Our database covers the best room escape games across the globe, reviewed by our team of experts. 

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With all the escape games knowledge you will need, your next mission is one solved quickly. The best, most addicting escape the room games are all we cover. 

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The Best Escape Games At Your Fingertips

There are thousands of escape rooms across the globe, but we bring you only the best escape games in the world!

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Best Escape the Room Games in North America

The Basement in LA

The Basement in Los Angeles is often rated the best room escape game in the USA. There are three rooms that connect to create one edge-of-your-seat story.

The Escape Room Indianapolis

Escape room indy - best escape games

The Escape Room in Indianapolis gives you five different rooms to choose from. It’s hard to decide which one is the best escape the room game they have.

Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game

Can you escape Birmingham’s Locked In rooms? This is one of the best escape the room games the country has to offer.

Best Escape the Room Games in South America

Escape Room Bariloche

Best escape games - make the call


Who knew that Argentina contained one of the best escape games in the world? At Bariloche, try your hand at escaping El Refugio de la Montaña (The Mountain Shelter) or El Laboratorio del Dr. Boeiro (The Laboratory of Dr. Boeiro).

Eureka Desafio de Escape

Located near Buenos Aires, Eureka Desafio (Eureka Challenge) is one of the best escape the room games in South America. If you watch their video, you will challenge yourself, asking, “Can you escape Eureka?”

Escape 60

Escape60 - best escape games

Escape 60 is so wonderful because it offers rooms all over South America, and we can’t decide which is the best room escape game.

Best Escape the Room Games in Europe

The Laboratory in Bunschoten

The Laboratory Escape Room in the Netherlands is easily one of the best escape games in the world! Can you escape the best escape the room game?

Claustrophilia in Budapest

Another of of the best room escape games out there is Claustrophilia! The room in Hungary is full of all types of trinkets to bring the puzzle solving to a new and interesting level.

Escape Hunt Paris

Escape hunt - best escape games

Escape Hunt, one of the best escape games in the world, brings you the class you’d expect from France, with themes like Cabaret and Metropolitan Robberies.

Best Escape the Room Games in Asia

Breakout Real Escape Game in Kuala Lumpur

Breakout - best escape games

Breakout isn’t your average escape the room game. Here, teams choose different roles varying from the Lock Master to the Healer, bringing a sense of adventure and roleplay.

The Mr. X Mystery House in Shanghai

Mr. X’s is shrouded in mystery. There is no doubt it is one of the best escape games in the world. With it’s array of obstacles, not only is it mentally challenging, but physically too!

Best Escape the Room Games in Australia

Rush Escape Game in Melbourne

Rush - best escape games

Melbourne has some of the best escape games in the world, but none of them outshine Rush Escape Game. This room is known for it’s intensity. Can you escape their Mission: Impossible themed room?

EscapeXperience in Oakleigh

What an escape experience! Oakleigh offers us one of the best escape the room games with immersive puzzles and believable plots! Travel to 1947 or a Burlesque bar!

Best Escape the Room Games in Africa

HintHunt in South Africa

HintHunt is Africa’s best room escape game. This place welcomes everyone to join in on the adventure and experience some lighthearted fun!

Hashtag Escape in Johannesburg

lets you to fight off ghosts, rebels, and even mysterious figures! There is no doubt that one of the best escape games in the world will be a challenge. Can you escape in time? #Escape

Why Real Escape Game Is Perfect For Team Building

Major corporates all over the world are embracing the real escape game concept for their team building exercises. What are some of the HR benefits of using escape the room games for corporate team building?

Promotes Teamwork

Real escape game team members have to work together to break out of bonds, find hidden clues, and solve puzzles. This can enhance working relationships at the office.

Develops New Bonds

Corporate workers and managers sometimes lack the platform and inclination to socialize and get to know each other. A real escape game provides a non-threatening environment to create new bonds and strengthen existing ones.

Breaks Communication Barriers

Most offices have shy and introverted members too scared to make themselves heard. Other offices have bureaucratic systems that may hinder effective communication. Escape the room games can be used to break these barriers.

Identifies Leaders

Tense situations outside the office can provide insights to our inner nature. Escape games can be used to identify hidden leadership qualities and areas of strength.

Improves Confidence

A real escape game can offer a non-threatening safe place for everyone to assert themselves more and build their confidence.

Promotes Trust

Working together to get out of a tough situation can strengthen relationships and build trust among team members.

Encourages Responsibility

Every team member has a role to play to ensure a quick breakout from a real escape room. This nurtures individual and collective responsibility.

Earns Respect

After an escape the room game session, corporate team members are likely to have a deeper respect for their company and its direction. They are also likely to cultivate respect for team members and for themselves.