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Pick from the newest, hottest escape room games in the U.S. and worldwide! Join the escape the room phenomenon that is sweeping the globe with new adventure escape games and walkthroughs to test your skill.

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Hot New Escape Games Worldwide

There are new escape games worldwide added everyday. The escape room phenomenon started in Japan in 2006 and since then has spread throughout the entire globe. Today, we see new rooms spawn on a daily basis, and it’s hard to keep up.

So we’ve made it easy for you by listing a few of the newest escape games worldwide.

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New Adventure Escape Games in the U.S.

F5 New Escape Adventure Game

F5 tornado new escape games

For the American Midwest tornadoes are a seasonal threat, so it’s no surprise that Trap Door Escape Room in New Jersey decided to bring that threat to the east coast.

F5 is an exciting new adventure escape game coming soon to Morristown. Check out the teaser video for a look at what is to fear.

Mindspark Escape Room Game

This all new room escape game adds a whole new experience to your Austin visit.

Mind Spark Escape Room, the creators of House of Torment, bring you a brand new escape room that brings the horrors that their haunted house does. They have three standard rooms and also add a virtual reality escape room solo experience!

New Adventure Escape Games in Canada

CortX Laboratories Escape Game Room


New escape games worldwide

Science North in Ontario just launched a new adventure escape game. It’s called CortX Laboratory and it is, of course, Science-themed.

Players will use logic, math, and science to escape the room in just 45 minutes.

Museum of Nature’s New Adventure Escape Game

The Canadian Museum of Nature has created not one, but two new escape adventure games.

Every night, the museum transforms their space full of knowledge into an escape room paradise. Ironically, players wait all day for a chance to get into the museum that night!

Check out:

  • The Heist: You are part of a scheme to steal precious gems from the Earth Gallery.
  • Framed: Investigate mysterious happenings in the Mammal Gallery. 

New Adventure Escape Games in the UK

No Exit New Escape Room Game

Simply the name “No Exit” leaves players feeling claustrophobic. So you can imagine what they feel like when they are asked to choose one of Bolton’s four new escape rooms.

The city is new to escape room adventures, so this video that the company has posted gives locals a good idea of what to expect.

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Unescapable Adventure Escape Game

Derby has opened an all new room escape game – Unescapable – that is based on time travel.

The venue’s first room is called Tommy. But it will soon be joined by three more rooms, so keep an eye out. Two University of Derby students have banded together and everyone is hyped to see their creation.