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Comprehensive analysis and listing of every escape room in the United States. Where beginners and escape game enthusiasts go to find the most up-to-date information about escape rooms.

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Horror Escape Games - ERR

New Escape

We have a listing of the newest, hottest escape room games in the U.S. and worldwide! We have new adventure escape games, horror and mystery escape the room challenges to try.


Horror Escape Games - ERR

Room Escape

What are room escape adventures about? Find out what makes these thrilling games such a hit, and where to find the best adventures at a location near you!  

Horror Escape Games - ERR

Best Escape

Looking for the best escape games from around the world? Look no further. Room Escape Rank specialize in bringing you the BEST escape the room adventures today.

Horror Escape Games - ERR

Prison Escape

Think like a criminal without the conviction. Try a prison escape game and test your hand at the sly tactics and crafty escape techniques many notorious figures rely upon to break free.

The Home of U.S. Escape Room Rankings

Looking for the best escape room adventure games in the U.S.? Or even the most challenging room escape games worldwide? Look no further!

Escape Room Rank is your one-stop location for the best escape games in the world. Whether you’re looking for escape game adventures, prison escape games, horror escape games, mystery escape games, or just a new challenging escape the room game near you, you’ll find the latest room escapes listed right here, first.

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What started back in 2006 as the Real Escape Game (REG) in Japan, escape the room games quickly developed into a worldwide phenomenon – thanks to their creator: 35-year-old Takao Kato from Japan. Now, escape rooms have entered the American entertainment scene with vigor, becoming a very popular spin off of the popular Haunted House games seen at carnivals. 

But what are escape rooms? 

Picture this: Find yourself trapped in a room as you work against the clock, in a team, to solve puzzles, find clues and escape an enclosed room before your time expires. It’s a thrilling night out in town for the adventurous! 

Want The Best Escape Games?

You’re in the right place.

Escape Room Rank is the home of the best escape games in the U.S., and around the world. From local gems such as “The Basement” in Los Angeles and “The Escape Room” in Indianapolis, to “The Laboratory” in the Netherlands and Claustrophilia in Budapest, we scour the world for the best escape the room games so you have a comprehensive list to choose your next escaping games adventure.

Room Escape Adventures That Test Your Tenacity

Adventurous escape the room games will bring out your inner Tomb Raider. Designed specifically for non-contact adrenaline junkies, prepare to get your kicks out of one of these room escape adventures near you:  

  • Palace Games, San Fransisco – Follow a story about an escape room that Harry Houdini himself created. The room is surrounded in mystery, and you may piece together some of this mischievous performers past in the process.
  • The Escape Game, Nashville – With seven unique room escape adventures on offer, it’s no wonder that Nashville is fast becoming an escape room capital of North America!
  • Breakout, Kansas City – Even Barak Obama, the 44th President of the United States, has graced this fantastic locations’ presence. With 60 minutes to crack codes, solve riddles, and formulate an escape plan with your peers, it’s like “Independence Day” meets “The Illusionist.” You never know what’s coming!

New Escape Games Found Here, First

Looking for something fresh to test your room escape skills? Check out these new escape games:

  • CortX Laboratories Escape Game Room – A science themed escape room in Ontario, Canada that demands logic and math prowess.
  • Museum of Nature’s New Adventure Escape Game – Another room escape adventure from the land of the Maple tree. Two new escape games require you to exercise your ability to crack the museum entrance code!
  • No Exit New Escape Room Game – This one is one of the top UK escape the room games today. Fight claustrophobia as well as the clock in this thrilling room escape.
  • Unescapable Adventure Escape Game – The town of Derby, UK, has become widely known as an escape room hub, and now two local university students are sending waves through the community with four exciting escape room games.