About This Room

Min people:   2
Max people: 6
Cost:          $35
Theme:     Your neighbor seems like the typical guy next door. He is going out of town and asks you to house sit for the duration of his vacation. You decide to accept because it is easy money and he seems to be a trustworthy man. The first night, you are sitting on his couch and watching T.V. For reasons unknown, you feel compelled to go up to the attic. You don’t know why, you just have a sudden urge to see what is up there. Upon investigation, you get locked in. As you try to find your way out of his attic, you quickly realize that your neighbor isn’t exactly who he says he is.
Address: 3919 4th Ave Suite A, San Diego CA 92103
Phone:      (619) 866-2670

Company:   Escapism SD

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