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May 3, 2017

Escape Room Game Ends in Surprise Romantic Puzzle Proposal

Room escape adventures make an awesome date night. So what’s more romantic than ending an exciting night with an escape room romantic puzzle proposal? It happened one night in April at Tippecanoe Place, a restaurant......

Roanoke's First Escape Room Finally Opens Image - ERR

Roanoke’s First Escape Room Finally Opens

Roanoke Virginia was one of the birthplaces of American history. But up until a few weeks ago, the city had not one or two, but zero escape room games. With new escape games popping up......

new escape room- donald trump

New Escape Room Lets Players Fight Against Donald Trump

Since 2016’s election, there have been many controversies circling Donald’s Trump’s presidency. Calgary, Canada’s new escape room game gives players a chance to take down America’s newest president. Escape Trump’s Tower is the name of......

Escape Room Game

Final Fantasy Takes on the Form of an Escape Room Game this Summer

Final Fantasy is one of the best selling video games of all time. As of 2016, the inflated gross revenue among all Final Fantasy games is $22 billion. There have also been thirteen games in......