About This Room

Min people:   2
Max people: 12
Difficulty:      4
Time:              60
Age:                14+
Cost:             $29
Theme:     The Laboratory Escape Room is like living out a movie! You are immersed in a professionally crafted set that centers around an extremely realistic bomb. Dr Crowl has trapped you here in his laboratory where you are given puzzles that test a wide range of skills and abilities. Complete all the puzzles in 60 minutes and you are given a chance to disarm the knock out gas bomb. Those who prove their intelligence and value will be allowed to go free. Those who fail the challenge are deemed unnecessary to society, and are taken by Dr Crowl to be used in his deadly experiments.
Address: 117 E 11th St, Los Angeles Ca, 90015
Phone:      (213) 835-7853
Email:     [email protected]

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