About This Room

Min people:     2
Max people:   10
Time:               60
Age:                 9+
Cost   :           $30
Theme:         You wake up on a hard, cold stone floor. You try to remember what could have possibly transpired the night before but your brain is irritatingly drawing a blank. Something about a delirium-inducing drink and a hasty cab ride home? All of that is hardly a concern now—more pressing is the rather foreboding lobotomy experience looming over your head. Can you and your newfound friends escape the eerie Kimberly Asylum before the harsh orderlies come to take you to the even crueler Dr. Jostle who will be performing the archaic procedure? The stakes are high and your path to freedom is quickly closing, you must take your chance to escape before the opportunity vanishes completely.
Address:       7000 Indiana Avenue Suite 107 Riverside, CA
Phone:          (951)-777-8059
Email:           [email protected]

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