About This Room

Min people:  2
Max people: 8
Time:           60
Cost:          $35
Theme:     This Seance parlor used to belong to a French countess who lost her child in a tragic accident. Overcome by her loss she started experimenting with spiritual seance in hopes to find contact with her deceased child. Her parlor quickly gained popularity among the 1920s Parisian bohemian crowd, but one day the infamous countess mysteriously disappeared. There were rumors that she had been consumed by an evil spirit that inhabited her parlor and drained her soul. Occasional ghost hunters would try their luck in the abandoned seance parlor but not one ever returned from the arcane place.
Address: 7805 West Sunset Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone:      (323)-770-3101
Email:     [email protected]

Company:   Enigma escape rooms

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