Getting to Know The Basics of Escape Puzzle Games Design

In room escape adventures, players work together to solve puzzles to escape the room before the time runs out.

What we don’t look at often is what goes into making an escape room. Even the best escape games require a lot of effort in order to be enjoyable for players!

Designing Escape Puzzle Games

Every escape room game has to start somewhere. In puzzle room escape games, creators must obtain a variety of things. They need props for their games to feel real and to allow the players to immerse themselves in the game. They need a building to hold the rooms they will be offering. They need designs that are both original and intriguing. Last, but far from least, they need puzzles that are challenging, but yet humanly possible.

The puzzles for escape puzzle games are most likely the key to making an escape room that explodes with popularity.

Escape Room Puzzle Ideas

Coming up with ideas isn’t easy. One of the most crucial steps in making an escape room is killer puzzles. Sometimes you need escape room puzzle ideas to help get your started and inspire you.

  • Hide messages within messages. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can use key phrases on books or decode letters. But another unique way is to use snotes, which are enigmatic images you must tilt in order to see the true word/message.
  • Use tangible clues. Players love to physically find clues inside of other objects. It lets them feel like a child searching for Easter eggs. This works great when you hide two piece of the same clue in different areas of the room.
  • Utilize locks! No escape room puzzle game is complete without at least one lock. These can be combination locks where the key is hidden within another puzzle. Or they can be keypad locks with the passkey given previously in a ingenuitive way.

Along with these escape room puzzle ideas, secret doors are a great way to expand the escape room game into an ‘escape house’ of sorts! That is, if you have the room at your new escape games.

Escape Puzzle Games Team Building

Escape room team building activities are a must-have for good puzzle room escape games. Many corporate groups, schools, and families will attempt an escape room simply for the team building exercise it offers.

While solving the puzzles is important in general, utilizing the help of your comrades is even more crucial. Escape room games are commonly designed for four to twelve people. You very rarely see any room that allows just one person to attempt a room. Escape puzzle games offer team building in a variety of ways.

  • Communication skills is the biggest benefit for teams in an escape room. When attempting a room, it is necessary to communicate with your team. Let them know when you find clues, speak up when you have a suggestion, and listen to each other as you work together to solve the puzzles.
  • Leadership skills are just as important as learning to work together. That’s why escape rooms naturally assist teams with the help needed to improve leadership abilities in those who are fit for the role.
  • Ingenuity is another team building benefit that will help your team think outside the box for a change. This can be helpful in any relationship, business or personal.
  • More than anything, escape puzzle games team building teaches your group how to work as a team. It can strengthens the bond your team has.

These skills and exercises can do nothing but good for your team or the team you are offering your venue to. That’s why implementing escape room puzzles into your game that will benefit teams is crucial to the success of your escape puzzle game.

After you Create Your Escape Puzzle Games

If you have already gathered unique props, created an intriguing story, designed a room to match, and put together a few unbeatable puzzles, there’s not much left to making an escape room.

From here, you simply need to get the word out in order to make your escape room successful. Build a site, tell your friends, recruit a few businesses to help you market, and let everyone know what you have to offer. Players will be blown away by your escape room without ever thinking about what went on behind the scenes! To you, it’s a creation; to them, it’s an adventure!


Have any questions about the basics of escape puzzle games? Feel free to ask in the comments below!

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