Roanoke’s First Escape Room Finally Opens

Roanoke Virginia was one of the birthplaces of American history. But up until a few weeks ago, the city had not one or two, but zero escape room games. With new escape games popping up every day, it was only a matter of time before Roanoke received its very own.

Because of this, two Roanoke College students, Brandon Ford and Ben Shaw, decided the area deserved to be a part of this growing industry. That’s why they created Roanoke’s very first escape room. It’s name is DECIPHERED and its mission is to share the adventure of room escape adventures with Roanoke residents.

Thus far, they have two rooms. One will take you on an adventure as a deep-space explorer where you have no memory of earth. One morning, a frightening alarm warns your crew that you have one hour before an oxygen leak turns your ship into nothing but a floating, lifeless vessel.

Their other escape room turns you into a nomad who lives off the land. But in desperate times, your food supply is running so low that death is in your sites. This is when you happen upon a fully-loaded cabin. You have one hour to gather supplies and skedaddle before the owner returns!

DECIPHERED is Roanoke’s first escape room game, but it is already amongst the best escape games for the fact that the owners have given such an important town in American history an escape room adventure. The owners are currently accepting suggestions for themes and puzzles to create their next escape room, so pitch ideas why the opportunity is available!

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