How to Find the Best Escape Room Near Me?

What makes the best escape room near me a memorable experience?

The best way is to use Google or any credible search engine especially if it has a mapping feature. In junction Map Quest is a good site to locate escape room facilities.

When searching the most important thing is to use the right keywords so you can have a better chance of finding what you are looking for. There are so many different types of escape rooms so narrowing down what it is that interests you is good to find what you want quicker. Also, depending on where you are, the escape rooms can be either limited in variety or non-existent so be prepared to travel far if you prefer in the case that there aren’t any escape rooms games in your area.

Review, Directory and Travel Sites

After you search the term “escape rooms” along with your specific location and aren’t satisfied then directory and travel sites might help you better to find what you want.

Review, directory sites and travel sites are better to search for anything you want to find in general since they usually have good review input from other travelers and enthusiasts who give their opinion as to whether or not its worth it to give a place business. is the best review site where you can search real life escape room adventures in your area where you can judge which one is worth your time depending on user reviews and what a particular facility offers. Yelp allows you to not only pick location and escape room type, but also you can specify if you want to find a cheap escape facility and whether or not an escape room accepts Apple Pay, Bitcoin or other alternative forms of payment.

When choosing your room escape experience it is helpful to know how many friends might come with you to enjoy the experience. Some escape rooms may only be good for smaller groups while others might be good for big groups so knowing your party size is helpful to avoid disappointment or claustrophobia.

Specialization and Honing In on Your Next Adventure and similar websites aren’t just to plan flights or buying plane tickets. Finding local establishments with reliable reviews is another feature of tripadvisor. Just in case you want to travel abroad to experience exotic escape rooms then your hotel and flight info can be planned on the same site. If you’re looking for convenience than tripadvisor is the site for you.

If you’re looking for a more simplified database for finding the right escape room for you then there are sites out there for that., and are three escape room database sites where you can find escape rooms in your area, out of town and also browse the various types of escape rooms that exist worldwide and by theme.

Each site is different so browse all three and others to get a complete list of all the escape rooms that have been cataloged. is a review and consulting site for escape room enthusiasts where you can find detailed reviews for escape rooms best for families, kids, couples or ones that will challenge you the most.

Where is the Best Escape Room Near Me? Closer Than You Think!

Yelp is the most helpful tool to find the best escape room. So what do you look for?

Find escape room games that involve a small group. There is power and great intelligence in numbers. A small group of me and three of my friends is the best case scenario in my eyes to solve the most challenging escape rooms out there. An entertaining theme enhances the escape room experience as well whether it’s medieval, science fiction or a specified role play escape like a prison break or murder mystery escape rooms.

There is no limit to what real life escape experience can be found. You just have to know what might peak your interest and ask, “How can I find escape room locations near me”.

Chances are if your brain can think it then that type of escape room exists.

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