Escape Room Ideas You Can Try at Home to Save Money

Room escape adventures involve a group of people being locked in a room. The only way to escape is to solve clues before the time runs out. To attempt one a a standard location, it costs anywhere from $20 to $40 a person.

Sometimes, you just can’t afford this, so here we have some escape room plans that you can do at the comfort of your own home. Or maybe you just want to practice and put your escape game ideas to sue before starting your own business. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Themes for Escape Room Ideas 

To start your escape room, you need a solid theme. You can get ideas for escape room games at a variety of places. But we have collected a few escape game ideas for you right here!

The idea is to have an immersive story to captivate your audience. A good place to start is by choosing an era. Should it be modern day? Have a 1930s flapper theme? Or maybe an old 1800s western background?

After you choose an era for your escape room idea, you need to decide the atmosphere. For the best escape games, this will depend on where it is being held. If your escape room is a basement, a darker theme such as a serial killer’s lair may be suitable. If it is in an old house, a cabin in the woods might be the perfect escape game idea!

Escape Room Puzzles

When you have escape room ideas set, next you need puzzles. This will depend on the clues you use which can be hidden in books, under rugs, or inside teacups.

It is also common for escape room plans to involve hidden codes. These codes will require teamwork and wit to decipher. It’s important that you don’t give your group a puzzle that they cannot solve. Truth is, you want them to escape, but you want it to be challenging.

After you have clues, you can decide an order that will link them into one long stream of mini-puzzles. Say, the game starts with an obvious box on a table. The box requires a code to unlock. The code is found on the inside cover of a book that is mentioned in newspaper by the box. In the box is another key that unlocks something else in the room. Only it leads to a clue that is not a key, but another puzzle. This puzzle was found in a safe behind a painting.

From there it continues until the room is complete and the group escapes.

Escape Room Ideas for Kids

It’s a fact that escape room ideas for adults are not suitable for kids. Involving a serial killer is not ideal for minors. So, you may want to get a few desks and build a classroom kids can relate to.
Perhaps a good escape room idea for children would be to “lock them” in a classroom. If they don’t escape they will spend the rest of their life in school.

Or a bedroom one where there is a monster under the bed who is asleep. They have to escape the room before he wakes up.

After you find a theme, it’s important to remember that in escape game ideas for kids, the puzzles must be easy. Rather than complicated cryptic codes, maybe simple hieroglyphics or math would be more suitable.

Escape Room Ideas With Adult Variations

If you are creating an escape room plans for adults, the rules are significantly different. You can add difficult puzzles and deeper themes than you can when dealing with children.

If you have time, you can add blacklight puzzles, decrypting messages, clues in newspapers, or even physical puzzles. This would depend on the escape room plans theme. If they are locked in a cellar awaiting a psycho killer, they might have to create an object to obtain a key that can be seen out the window.

The best part about at home escape room ideas is that there are no limits. You can create an entire house of escape rooms if you want! Just make sure you tell the participants all of the rules beforehand. Such as, the bathroom is off-limits or no forcing anything open.


For more escape room ideas and questions, comment below and we will be quick to answer!

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