What are House Escape Games?

In room escape adventures, a group of players must escape the room before the time runs out. In doing so, they solve an array of unique puzzles along the way.

House escape games are a different type of escape room game unlike any other. So sit tight and read on about this alternative escape room game!

House Escape Games

In a house escape game, you are met with more than one room. Unless of course the house is only one room, such as a cabin. But still, it is considered a house escape game considering you are trapped in an entire house!

Whether you like creepy houses belonging to serial killers or just grandma’s house for a night of innocent fun. House escape games add something that even the best escape games can’t give you.

They take you on a more expanded journey that even escape room enthusiasts aren’t accustomed to.

Plus, the whole theme of a ‘house’ escape game makes you feel more like the game is real. This is because the houses are made to be realistic.

Online House Escape Games

You can find house escape games online at a variety of locations. These games challenge the mind by leading you through a series of rooms where you collect clues along the way.

One online house escape game is called Hooda’s Escape Grandma’s House Game. Here, you will be trapped inside of grandma’s house where you must point and click your way through puzzles. This one is light-hearted as grandma is simply playing tricks and challenging your mind as she locks you inside. This is an escape the house unblocked game that isn’t to be missed.

Another choice is Underground Old House Escape that has a spooky edge to it. Underground old house escape walkthrough videos can be found if you get stuck. Much like the name suggests, you are trapped in an underground house!

One more is Elements by the critically acclaimed Neutral. In the room escape Elements walkthrough you will see all sorts of mysterious puzzles, clues, and items that will guide you on your way.

The game is so complicated that it takes a pro to complete without a walkthrough or hints.

Real House Escape Games

While online house escape games are popular, there are real house escape games out there too. For example, Escape the House in Ontario claims to have enhanced the escape room experience by added more immersive rooms.

Others connect their stories to create one long story that can be played in order, much like a move series. This technique gives you an adventure that can last you all night. Palace Games has multiple rooms that are built on the same story.This one revolves around the great Harry Houdini himself.

Another common theme for real house escape games is a haunted house. Even a haunted escape room house. That’s because haunted houses and house escape games try to give you the most immersive experience possible and therefore are compatible.

House Escape Games vs. Room Escape Games

The only difference in room escape games and house escape games is that house escape games usually have more than one room. In escape the room games you are locked in a room and there is generally nowhere to go.

In escape the house games you are usually given a choice. After you finish the room you’re in, there are more rooms you must go through. Sometimes, each room is easier than your standard escape room, so it won’t take any extra time. But other times, each room is created to be its own escape room game and can take hours to complete the house.

It isn’t uncommon for the rooms to need each other in order to complete. You may find a clue for one room in another, or a puzzle for one as a clue in it’s sister room.

Either way, house escape games and room escape games are both a fun, unforgettable adventure!


What are some of your favorite house escape games? Let us know in the comments!

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