Mystery Escape Games Themes You’ll Love To Experience

The adrenaline pump. The intellectual challenge. The team spirit. And the heightened sense of purpose. These are the feelings that make mystery escape games so exhilarating. No wonder it’s been a worldwide trend for the last few years.

Each escape room game offers a different theme, so you will never have the feeling of “if I’ve done it once, I’ve done it a million times”. If you’ve ever been to an escape room, then you probably already have your favorite themes. Nonetheless, whether you’re a pro or new to escape room games, there are themes you will definitely enjoy trying out.

Detective Mystery Escape Games

Almost every escape room location has at least one escape room design based on detective mysteries. Think Pink Panther, Sherlock Holmes, C. Auguste Dupin, or Lt. Horatio Caine themes and how much fun they can be. These games call for puzzle-solving and deduction skills we all admire from our novel and TV heroes.

Historical Puzzle Rooms

Have you ever imagined yourself visiting the cryptic Jerusalem Tombs of the Kings, the Egyptian Crypts lodged deep within gigantic pyramids, historic Indian shrines, or an African archaeological site? Fancy yourself in one of these places when you get stuck in some dungeon. Now you have to follow a series of clues left by our ancestors. Probably in an ancient language or depicted in parietal art. Historical puzzle rooms can be thrilling and educative at the same time. They advance your appreciation of different cultures, religions, and our history of evolution as a human race.

Murder Hunt Rooms

Murder hunt rooms tie in with detective mystery rooms. However, in this case, you have to solve a murder. Though most murder mystery escape games avoid venturing into the supernatural, at times the mystery is enhanced with the inclusion of ghosts of the dead giving you clues as to who the murderer might be. Bring on your CSI skills and let’s see if you can make it to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit to find your killer.

Bomb Defuse Challenge Rooms

The terrorists have attacked. They have laid a bomb and you’ve been called in with your bomb squad. First, you must find where the bomb is hidden. Then you have to know which wires to cut, cords to pull, and buttons to press. Any small mistake and the whole room, with delegates and children in adjacent rooms go BOOM!

The pressure of bomb defuse rooms and the responsibility of saving lives provides an adrenalin rush like no other. These kinds of mystery rooms puts you and your team in Do or Die positions. You guys are the heroes and everyone’s lives depends on your focus.

Kidnap Escape Rooms

Imagine you are a dignitary representing your government in a foreign land filled with hostile rebels. Or the child of a rich personality being held for ransom. You and your team have been abducted and you have to find a way to escape before your kidnappers come back. To save your life and assure your families and government of your freedom, you need to follow certain clues left behind by a sympathiser. Some abduction escape rooms will add to the mystery by including a torture technician ready to painfully interrogate you and your team at the end of the clock. Save yourself and your team and escape to safety.

The Thrill Of Mystery Escape Rooms

There are endless exciting themes for mystery escape rooms, and more are coming up as businesses get even more creative. A mystery escape room makes you use your brain and knowledge to follow clues and solve puzzles. They bring out the hero in you, as you focus on saving the day. Try these themes out and have a great time with your team.

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