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Prison Escape Game

Want to know all you can about every type of escape room? A prison escape room is a good place to start! Here is your #1 source for everything you need to know about a prison themed escape room!

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Prison Escape Game

Shawshank Redemption! It’s the swinging 1940s, you were at a post-war party with your longtime friends. Turns out, the bloodshed isn’t over. Unbeknownst to you, two men were killed at that party…and you were framed! 

You were convicted of a double murder and must spend your life behind bars. Corrupt guards, real murdering cellmates, and an insane warden, rumored to be carnivorous. Thankfully, a like-minded individual has offered you a way out. But it isn’t going to be easy. What will you do? Can you escape the room? 

Room escape games are meant to be a thrilling experience where players are required to escape the room. Considering this, it makes sense that escape from prison games would be the perfect advocate for a scary room escape game!

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What is a Prison Escape Game?

Prison-cell-room Image

An escape the prison game is one of the room escape games that begin with a thrilling setting. Depending on the prison escape game, you will be alone in a dark, dank cell or crowded with seven other people. If the latter is true, escaping the prison games become much more appealing when claustrophobia is added to the mix.

Normally, you’d assume all that you need for an escape the prison game is a key. But, that is never the case. When escaping the prison games, you will need wit, ingenuity and much more to find out how to escape the prison game.

What is the Appeal of a Prison Escape Game?

There are a few things that set prison escape games apart from other escape the room games.

Prison-bars Image

We’ve all played out the escape from prison game in our minds. What we would do under each circumstance, if we were faced with an incorrect accusation in real life, rather than in a escape from prison game. Well now, in the prison escape games, we play the role of a prisoner who’s not just playing an escape the prison game, but for them, it is do or die.

Escaping prison games allow players to get locked in a cell, and they must find their way out or spend eternity detained…or worse. Often times, a prison escape game is one of those scary room escape games that will have your heart-racing as you assume the undesired role of captive!

Thrill of a Prison Escape Game

While escaping the prison game, most people will think twice before allowing himself to return to such an unpleasant environment in real life. Though, while playing the prison escape game, players can simply enjoy the simulation without fear! Being in one of these rooms will also release healthy doses of hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. Scary room escape games are designed to give you a thrill for the moment, and make you want to return for more. As long as you keep your thrills in the prison escape game, and not a real life prison!

Popular Prison Escape Game

Nashville’s Prison Break is one of the best prison escape games available. Much like escape the classroom, Prison Break is set in a room that many fear.

Hallway Image

The difficulty level on this escaperoom is a nine out of ten! It is surely one of the most difficult prison escape games in the world. It is the 1950s and you’ve been wrongfully sentenced to life in prison. Tale is, the former resident of your cell vanished one day. Could it be the cruel warden? It’s up to you to never find out by escaping the prison game in time!