Escape Rooms St. Louis

Escape Room Saint Louis

Escape Rooms St. Louis, Missouri

Room escape adventures! A game where you and your friends challenge yourself to solve various puzzles in order to escape the room you are locked in before the time is up!

Escape rooms St. Louis are unlike any other! In this city, everyone participates. You won’t see people using the excuse of profession as a reason to not try out some of the best escape rooms in the world!

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The Best Escape Rooms in St. Louis

Although there aren’t many rooms to choose from, Escape STL is one of the best escape games in St. Louis. Their website lets you see previews of the room, leaderboards for the teams with the highest score, and a rating for each escape room based on smarts, athleticism, and courage it takes to complete it.

In their unique escape room, Mr. Dupree’s Office, you play the role of a CIA agent sent on a mission to collect incriminating data from a business man’s office before he returns!

If you prefer choices, then you will love Mastermind Room Escape that offers eight rooms and counting! You can be locked up by a psycho serial killer in Creepy Lair, steal jewels in Diamond Heist, or retrieve the king’s crown in The Castle! These may be similar to many room escapes that you have seen, but Mastermind guarantees you exclusivity with rooms like Cardinal’s Quest, where you must save the baseball game by turning the lights back on after a blackout!

Police Officer’s Escape Room St. Louis

Jeff Hartsoe is a police officer that loves escape rooms and magic! The officer has been into magic, puzzles, and games since he was six years old! He loved the escape rooms in St. Louis, but wanted to get even closer to the action, and he believed his background in magic and law enforcement was the perfect combination. So that’s why Jeff is now the owner of one of St. Louis’ new escape games!

It’s called Escape Room 10 and as expected the rooms are focused around crime. One escape room is the Murder Room, where you are the detective, and the other is the Burglary Room, where you are the bad guy!

Jeff believes that escape rooms should be for everyone! So he designed a room that would have a higher escape rate than usual, as well as allow breaks to go to the bathroom and talk on the phone. His rooms are also not scary, so even those wary will feel comfortable!

The Cardinals Escape St. Louis

Even some of the country’s greatest baseball teams need a break every once in awhile! Early in 2017, Cardinal coaches decided to take it easy on their team as they loaded them up in a bus without telling them their destination. Rather than the physical exercise the players were used to, the manager decided it was time to ease the tension and train their brain, all the while working on their team building skills! They were going to an escape room!

They even split the players up into two teams, pairing the people with others they didn’t normally associate with. The manager believed this would bring the team closer together as a whole.

The plan worked! The players were in a much better mood as they laughed about who solved which puzzles, and how they worked together. One team did escape the room with less than two minutes on the clock!

The team, coaches, and manager recommend escape rooms for any team going through a rough time…

The Gateway to St. Louis

St. Louis’ biggest icon for the city is no doubt the 630ft grand St. Louis Gateway Arch! It is also the home the the famous St. Louis Cardinals and their field in the Busch Stadium!

These attractions are great, but what many don’t know is that St. Louis has one of the best zoos in the Midwest, and the once planetarium Science Center that is perfect for any school trip or science enthusiasts!

Even more unknown than the zoos and museums though, are the amazing escape rooms in the city of the arch! So, don’t forget to check out escape games St. Louis next time you visit .

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