How to Play Escape Room Games: All You Need to Know

An escape room game is a game where players are locked in a room and must use their surroundings to escape before the time runs out. These room escape adventures require skill and a little know-how to become successful. Here is everything you need to know to learn how to play escape room games.

An Introduction to Escape the Room Games

In an escape the room game, you must use all kinds of props to ensure a proper escape. Some escape room puzzle examples include a briefcase that requires a key to open where the key to it is in a safe. The safe needs a combination found in a different puzzle to open, such as hidden in a picture, or a book. Players normally have 45-60 to escape the room before the time runs out, and are allowed to have anywhere from 2-12 people in the escape room at a time.

Before You Attempt an Escape the Room Game

One of the best things to do in preparation to attempt new escape games, is to practice. Some of the best escape games are actually found online. In these online escape the room games, you can simulate a real life escape the room game in the comfort of your own home.

Probably the most important aspect of attempting an escape game is to have a good team. This doesn’t mean grab the smartest people, but those who you can work well with. Communication is always key, and that doesn’t change when playing an escape game.

Keep an eye on the time and manage your items as you keep them neatly displayed on the table or floor. Everyone should have their job. If you have a team of five, then two person should be searching the escape room for clues, two people should be working on the current puzzles, and one person should be in charge of the items the others have gathered. Escaping the room is going to take the whole team working together.

After you Enter an Escape the Room Game

The first thing you must do is explore the escape room. There shouldn’t be one inch of that room that someone hasn’t touched. If you get stuck, escape room spoilers are almost always available from your game master in hint form.

Remember, everything you see is a potential clue that can be used to escape the room. Open every book, look inside everything with a lid and under everything without a lid. Take note of every face, word, and number you see. Cryptic messages are a common escape room puzzle piece. I say puzzle piece because that’s what the clues are. You can’t expect to find a key and that be then end of the puzzle. In the case of escape the room games, each puzzle has pieces, keys are just a part of the bigger puzzle.

Your team should be scouring the room looking for clues. Whenever you find one, have some people figure it out, while others look for even more clues around the escape room.

How to Play Escape Room Games: The Finale

It’s important to know that many players, if not most, do not escape the room in time. Some do, but even the most intelligent groups wills struggle. Even if you do know how to play escape room games, it can be very difficult to actually escape one. You may be able to make the wall of fame at some venues when you escape the room, or even receive a complimentary t-shirt. But the real prize in any escape room is the journey.

Have fun, and learn to become an expert in escape the room games! We have an excellent selection of some of the best escape games right here to get you started!

Do you have anything to add when it comes to learning how to play escape room games? Let us know in the comments below!

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